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Welcome to my Ultra Omega Burn review.

There’s no denying it, losing weight is tough for the majority of us.

There is no magic formula like what some people would have you believe.

Being overweight over the long term is definitely not healthy and can lead to many ailments which are not reversible. This means that there’s a chance you’ll have to be on life long medication.

Regular exercise and a healthy, clean diet every single day (or almost) will get us most of the way there, but those last pounds often need an extra shove, time and an added ‘Omph’!

One way to assist your body in losing fat is to take a safe and effective fat loss supplement.

What Is Ultra Omega Burn?

You might have read other Ultra Omega Burn reviews stating that it is a fat-burning supplement in soft-capsule form manufactured by Nutra Active. The core ingredient has been carefully chosen and sourced for its fat-loss abilities.

Ultra Omega Burn is also recommended to be taken to support the skin, digestion, cholesterol levels and other health conditions.

What Are The Ingredients Of Ultra Omega Burn?

The one and only ingredient in Ultra Omega Burn is palmitoleic fatty acid, otherwise known as Omega 7.

Palmitoleic acid can be sourced through diet, as it is found in foods such as macadamia nuts, seafood and certain plants. However, we can’t rely on our diet to provide enough palmitoleic acid on a regular basis.

While a good diet is crucial to for a healthy life and weight, it’s difficult to cater it toward one particular nutrient for that added effect. Which is why many gym goers supplement their protein intake with protein powders as well.

Eating 10 chicken breasts to obtain your daily protein requirements can be a chore and can make dieting a real tiresome experience if you’re not a big meat eater.

In order to decrease your weight effectively, it has to be sustainable over the long term or you will not stick to it and end up being ‘anti-diet’.

When it comes to such a specific component like Omega-7 fatty acids, the best way to get enough of it is to take a safe and natural supplement.

ultra omega burn label

Not all Omega-7 sources and handling procedures produce the same result. Depending on the source, the storage conditions and the duration of storage time, it’s possible for palmitoleic acid to go “bad”.

Stale Omega-7 oil is not going to provide the same results as fresh oil sourced from a quality supplier and handled responsibly.

The Omega-7 fatty acid in Ultra Omega Burn has been obtained from pure, high-quality sources and has been processed quickly and optimally. This means that the ingredients in this fat burner are ready and able to affect change in your body at the fat-cell level.

Other natural food sources of Omega-7 are buckthorn oil, macadamia nuts and fatty fishes.

The next part is important.

How Does Ultra Omega Work?

Research has shown that fat cells can be signalled to open and release fat, thus shrinking down in size. This includes fat cells in the whole body including the fat surrounding vital organs. Palmitoleic acid (Omega-7) is a complex fatty acid which sends fat cells a signal to open up and release their fat content.

Once the fat has been released from the cells, it is burned as an energy source. Omega-7 is also taken for reducing inflammation which can be exacerbated by carrying too much weight.

A few interesting facts about the weight loss industry in the U.S before we continue.

  • Forty-five percent of overweight Americans and 67% of those who are obese are trying to lose weight.
  • Approximately 15% of U.S. adults have used a weight-loss dietary supplement at some point in their lives.
  • More women report usage (21%) than men (10%).
  • Americans spend about $2.1 billion a year on weight-loss dietary supplements in pills (e.g., tablets, capsules, and softgels)
  • One of the top 20 reasons why people take dietary supplements is to lose weight

Visit this page for more details on how Ultra Omega Burn works.

How To Take Ultra Omega Burn?

Ultra Omega Burn comes in the form of an easy-to-swallow capsule. The daily dosage is one capsule a day for a 30 day supply. You don’t need to adjust your food plan or worry about interference with other medications. Keep doing what you’re doing and follow the Ultra Omega Burn dosage of one capsule daily.

Side Effects Of Ultra Omega Burn

There have been no reported side effects of taking Ultra Omega Burn. This is because it is a purified and well-handled oil which your body welcomes.

If you do have concerns about introducing a new supplement to your diet, it’s always best to chat to your doctor.

What Are The Benefits Of Ultra Omega Burn?

1. Fat Loss

Fat loss is the primary benefit as mentioned in this Ultra Omega Burn review. As your fat cells begin to open and release fat to be used as energy, fat percentage is reduced and muscle tone becomes more visible.

This is a huge benefit for people who are working on their strength and physique with weight training. You don’t want to put in all the hard work only to have the results hidden by stored fat.

The weight loss formula is a pretty simple one. Eat fewer calories than what is required daily and you will start to lose weight.

The difficulty many of us have is having some self-control when trying to attempt the above. When your body is so used to eating a certain amount of food daily, you will hunger when having to cut back on calories.

Depending on how much weight you plan to use, this can drag on for months.

Ultra Omega Burn helps in this process by giving you greater satiety by increasing the ‘I am full’ hormone called Leptin. This makes you less likely to feel hunger pangs while on a diet.

2. Better Looking Skin and Hair

The global beauty industry is worth billions annually. Many of us buy facial and hair products to try and improve our hair or skin conditions. However, you can spend thousands of dollars on such products and not see much improvement if you don’t improve on what’s happening internally.

Ultra Omega Burn works as a dietary supplement that helps to improve your hair and skin. Studies have shown that long term consumption of Omega 7 fatty acid helps in this aspect by improving cellular functions.

3. Lowers Bad Cholesterol

You would probably have heard of someone who had a sudden stroke or heart attack

This can be a silent killer of you are not careful with your lifestyle. Years of having a bad diet and lack of exercise can wreak havoc on your health.

There are two types of cholesterol. The bad one (Low Density Lipoprotein) and the good one (High Density Lipoprotein).

It’s almost next to impossible to completely remove had cholesterol from your diet. This would mean never touching desserts, fatty meat and fried foods ever again. But who wants to give up such delicious indulgence completely. Hence moderation is key here.

Omega 7 fatty acid can help to improve your cholesterol levels by increasing the good one whilst lowering the bad one.

A study by the Cleveland Clinic done in 2014 has shown that Omega 7 can increase good cholesterol by 8% and reduce bad cholesterol by 5%.

This was observed over a 30 day period with a dosage of 220mg of Omega 7 which is pretty close to a single capsule of Ultra Omega Burn which is 250mg.


Aside from fat loss, there are many other amazing benefits of taking Ultra Omega Burn:

  • Younger-looking skin with the reduction of fine lines
  • Helps to curb the appetite and keep calorie intake in control
  • Improves the strength and appearance of hair, skin and nails
  • Boost collagen levels leaving the skin looking radiant and plump
  • Blood sugar levels improve thus reducing the risk of diabetes
  • Reduces bad cholesterol
  • Reduces inflammation issues
  • Energy levels improve
  • Quality of sleep improves
  • Breaks weight-loss plateau and kick-starts weight loss again


Here are some of the customer reviews from Ultra Omega Burn users:

“A week after using it, I called my mother and we both reported the same thing – a slight (2 kilogram) weight loss, without a change in diet, which was completely unexpected!”

“This helped me A LOT and I didn’t only start to see a change on my face but I lost a lot of weight too.”

“I’ve been taking Omega 7 for three months and there is a vast improvement with my digestive system, skin and weight loss. Highly recommend!”

“I have lost belly fat and actual weight for the three weeks that I’ve been on [it]. I also feel more energetic. I will definitely order more!”

Is Ultra Omega Burn A Scam?

Not based on my experience.

Ultra Omega Burn uses a high-quality source of Omega-7 fatty acid (palmitoleic acid) to help fat cells release fat to be used as energy. It is also used for improving hair, skin conditions such as eczema, acne and dryness.

Overall health from improved digestion to glowing skin can be achieved by taking a daily dose of Ultra Omega Burn.

One thing that I do suggest what my readers do is if they do find a fat burner which they feel might work for them, give it a shot for a few months and if they see no results or stated health benefits, stop.

That’s a good enough sign that your body isn’t responding to this particular product.

Ultra Omega Burn has a 365 days money back guarantee.


The hard truth is our body compositions are unique and different. What worked for Tom might not work for Tim and what worked for Jane might not work for Jill. I tried Hydroxycut a few years back after hearing my friends swear by it but it did nothing for me. The only thing I got from it was bad heart palpitations.

With Ultra Omega Burn, I could feel my appetite being curbed and my crappy complexion got better. That being said, I didn’t let up on my diet, calorie counting and workouts as well.

I hope my Ultra Omega Burn review has given you a better idea of what to expect from taking this weight loss supplement.

You don’t have to worry about wasting your money on Ultra Omega Burn if it doesn’t work for you. It comes with a 365 days money back guarantee.

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