7 Natural Ways to Manage Your ADHD


Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is quite a common mental disorder among children. However, it does not mean that adults do not have ADHD at all. According to experts, around 8.4% of children and 2.5% of adults have ADHD. Children in their school-age are at a high risk of having ADHD. As a result, they may face disruption and problems in school.

Adults also have ADHD, which might make them even more concerned about their children. It is better to prefer natural remedies and treatments instead of using prescribed medicine. Many people prefer natural remedies to address their health concerns. Generally, you can refer to them as Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM) because they usually involve nutritional strategies and changes in the lifestyle.

However, advanced medicines have their advantages. Some people suggest choosing between advanced medicine and natural remedies, but it would be more helpful if you involve a combination of both. With the help of this combination, you will be able to treat the symptoms of ADHD faster and more effectively.

Symptoms of ADHD

No wonder people living with ADHD fall into depression easily. However, it would be hard for you to manage ADHD symptoms if you are depressed. So, you have to fight back, regain control of your senses, and overcome depression to win against ADHD.

Here are some symptoms that should help you identify the presence of this condition in you or your loved one.

  • Inability to focus on things
  • You often feel sad, tearful, and irritated
  • Unable to sit still and calm while eating or doing any other activities
  • Eating more than usual, and as a result, gaining weight
  • Eating less than usual, and as a result, losing weight

Natural Ways to Manage ADHD

Feeling depressed doesn’t mean you should spiral yourself into a more profound depression. Antidepressant medicines are not bad for temporary treatments, but other ways to treat your depression, such as a therapy, might be just as or even more effective for you. Numerous depression remedies can help you ditch prescription drugs.

With proper treatment, you can expect improvements in adults and children who have ADHD. You might see a change in children’s confidence and self-esteem in their school and work performance. You can try the following natural remedies to bring about a positive change in a child or adult with ADHD.

1. Pay a Visit to Your Therapist

According to researchers, cognitive behavior therapy is quite useful for people who have ADHD. It can help people with ADHD develop new ways to act in the world. Most importantly, it allows people living with ADHD to overcome shame and low self-esteem, which affects many of them.

While working with a counselor or therapist, you can address career, job, and relationship issues that have arisen due to ADHD. Counselors or therapists can help people living with co-existing conditions, like anxiety and depression.

2. Exercise

Another way to get rid of depression and anxiety is to sweat a little. According to experts, physical activities have a positive impact on both mental and physical health. Physical activity is also beneficial for people with ADHD.

Adding exercise to your daily routine can also decrease the risk of developing ADHD symptoms. Also, you will witness improvement in the cognitive functioning of your child. Exercise and other healthy physical activities can produce endorphins. Endorphins are the chemicals in your brain that help you in feeling good and happy.

However, when you have depression, you prefer not to get up and move. If you want to make things better for yourself, you have to force yourself to get up. We all know that it is hard, but push yourself to walk for five minutes and notice how you feel. You will feel much better, and you might gain energy to walk for five more minutes.

3. Consider Omega-3 Supplements

A healthy diet might help you decrease ADHD symptoms by avoiding exposure to additives and artificial colors. To eat healthily, you have to improve your intake of micronutrients and omega-3 fats. Doing so will improve your overall nutrition and health. However, you must follow a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime.

4. Herbal Treatment

Herbal remedies are quite a popular and recommendable treatment for ADHD. Just because herbal remedies come from natural ingredients doesn’t mean they are more effective than other conventional therapies. However, if you want to try the herbal treatment, below are three of the herbs that experts use to treat ADHD.

Korea ginseng or red ginseng can reduce hyperactive behavior.

Valerian root and lemon balm may help decrease the lack of concentration from 75% to 14%, hyperactive behavior from 61% to 13%, and impulsive behavior from 59% to 22% approximately. In addition to that, Valerian root and lemon balm also improve sleep and social behavior.

The results of using Ginkgo biloba are pretty mixed on its efficiency for treating ADHD, but it may help to some extent.

5. Stay in Touch with Your Friends

It may be simple and convenient to stay home, but you have to force yourself to go out and meet your friends. There is no harm in spending some joyous time with your family and friends. It will help boost your mood, and you may feel less depressed. Due to the current pandemic, you might want to contact your friends through instant messaging apps and social networks to have live video and audio conversations.

6. Spend Time in a Support Group for Depression

Joining a support group will keep reminding you that you are not alone with such feelings. Support groups also suggest the parents of the children with ADHD join them for a lot of education (regarding ADHD), encouragement, and emotional support.

By spending time in support groups, you will stay among people who understand and acknowledge your struggles without requiring explanations from you. You will feel great comfort and a sense of belonging in support groups.

7. Proper Sleep Cycle

Getting enough sleep is not necessarily a treatment for depression, but it is essential for your physical health, emotional, and psychological health. Unfortunately, sleep problems can worsen your ADHD. You should sleep eight hours a day, and if you feel sleepless, meditation is the best option to calm your mind.


ADHD can make your daily routine a big challenge. You might find it difficult to manage and complete your task at school as well as in your office. If you see anyone around you living with ADHD, be polite and gentle with them. If you have someone with ADHD in your family, be their moral support and source of encouragement so they can treat the condition naturally. And, if you are the one with ADHD, make sure you maintain a healthy diet, work out every day, keep away from depression, and try the methods mentioned above to find the one that best helps you cope with your situation.