Adult Acne: Causes and Remedies

adult acne causes and remedies

  Many people get through their high school years with clear skin, only to find that adult acne erupts during their 20s and beyond. This mostly effects women, due to hormonal changes and fluctuations. Adult acne is not simply the odd blemish on the skin, it’s a cluster of sore and inflamed cysts and pustules […]

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Why High Cholesterol Is Harmful and How You Can Lower It?

lower high cholesterol

So, your doctor says your cholesterol numbers are up, and you need to lower them, pronto. But, you may also be asking just what is high cholesterol, and how you can lower it? After all, it’s something we always hear about, although we may not understand just what all the fuss is over. But, fear […]

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Causes and Remedies

IBS Causes and remedies

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS is nothing to joke about. It’s a very uncomfortable gastrointestinal disease that affects about 15 percent of the world’s population. Most people who suffer from IBS, notice the onset of its symptoms before the age of 45. If you suffer from this syndrome, you might be relieved to know that […]

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