7 Easy Ways To Develop Stronger Will Power To Succeed In Your Diet


better will power for diet

Have you ever wondered why none of the diets you have tried seemed effective and are showing little or no results? And each time you conclude a diet does not work for you, you feel demoralised and start to wonder if there’s something wrong with your body.

Well don’t fret. 

There is nothing wrong with your body, but a huge factor that’s likely contributing to the lack of success in your diet is your willpower, or otherwise known as your self-control.

This article will show how how you can develop an iron forged willpower like the picture of the anvil above. Beaten and battered but still retains it’s form and composure.

Willpower Needs To Be Trained 

You need to realise that your willpower is very much like any other muscle. To develop muscle strength, it needs to be trained. And if it is not constantly used or trained, it will lose its strength. Similarly, this applies to your willpower too. You need to train and develop your willpower, and this is not something that can be done overnight. It has to be trained over an extended period of time and it has to be a constant conscious effort on your part.

So how can you develop your willpower?

Here are some things that you can practice and incorporate into your daily routine to develop your willpower.

7 Ways To Develop Your Willpower 

1. Set an end goal and work towards them

Before you embark on any diet, it is always a good idea to have a goal for yourself. Set realistic goals for yourself and write these down so that you are clear about it. Writing down these goals also acts as a form of commitment to yourself. And makes these goals clearly visible.

Leave a copy of these goals in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the toilet and even the office. You want to be in constant view of it so that when temptations arise, you will be reminded about it and that’s when your willpower will start to kick in.

2. Start small, start slow, start gradually

As with any exercise routine, we need to build our strength gradually and it cannot be done overnight. Whatever your diet is, start it slowly and ease into it. Do not suddenly restrict yourself completely from all carbs or desserts, but rather, cut down the frequency or portion size first.

Train your willpower to first say no to a huge bowl of rice first, instead only allow yourself to eat half a bowl of rice, for example. Overtime, as you train your willpower, you can then limit yourself to more food / drink items.

Slow and steady wins the race.

3. Set short term goals too

A long term goal is good, but that is not enough. You need to set realistic short term goals too, and ensure that these are achievable. This will help with easing you into your diet and gradually.

The satisfaction of achieving these mini milestones is very crucial for your long term success as it keeps you motivated and further strengthens your willpower.

Successfully exercising your willpower in small but multiple instances will help build greater willpower and your confidence that you can resist temptations.

4. Record all your food intake

Record all your meals, snacks and drinks in a food diary, basically everything that you put into your mouth, and add a column for calories. You don’t have to be absolutely precise about the calories, but just do a quick google search and add in an estimated figure or use a calorie app like MyFitnessPal. At the end of each day, tally up the total amount of calories consumed.

By doing this, you become more aware of what the types of food and the amount of calories you have consumed the whole day. When your mind is wary and conscious of all these things, you will have better willpower to say no when someone offers you a slice of cake which you should not be consuming.

This process may seem rather tedious but you only need to do this for 2 – 3 weeks, till your mind gets the hang of actively processing the type of food you are about to consume, which gives you the opportunity to exercise your willpower and make the decision on whether you should be consuming it or finding a healthier alternative. Once you develop this habit, it is no longer necessary to record all your food intake.

5. Plan ahead

By planning ahead your daily meals for the week, you are taking control of your mind, your diet and the situation. It minimises the temptations you will have to face as you don’t have to start thinking about what you will eat for your next meal and be led by cravings.

You will also get to practise using your willpower in sticking to your planned meals. This allows you to take control of your diet and not let external factors (friends, occasions, etc.) determine what you consume. On the off chance that you do veer off your plan, it is also much easier for you to get back on track.

6. Have a buddy

By having a buddy on the same dieting plan, you are less likely to fall off-track in your diet plans as you are now accountable to someone else other than yourself. The pressure of having to answer to someone else forces you to exercise more willpower in your food choices.

Your buddy will also be an  for you to stick to your diet plans as you will both want to succeed together.

7. Exercise routine

Research has proven that having a regular exercise routine trains your willpower. When you make that active decision to go exercise rather than laze in bed, you are training and developing your willpower. Exercise also makes us more resilient to stress, which enhances your willpower.

Besides, any form of diet works best with regular exercise. Always try to incorporate some form of exercise into your daily routine, be it an intense cardio session, a 30 minutes’ walk around the neighbourhood, or even a 15 minutes yoga or meditation session at home.

Don’t try to do all the above at once. Like any form of exercise, we build our strength gradually, so try out each method one at a time, see what works best for you and develop your willpower gradually. Willpower is just like a muscle and can get exhausted too, so ensure you get adequate rest and nutrition to ensure you are always able to think clearly.

8. Take A Weight Loss Supplement

I’ll throw in an extra bonus one here.

I know this doesn’t directly strengthen willpower but it plays a part. Assuming your diet has been coming along fine for the first few months and you hit a wall which most eventually do. It’s your body telling you ‘hey, this is uncharted weight territory and I ain’t going there’.

You can either ramp up the intensity of your workouts which may leave you burnt out or cut your calories even more which can leave you weak and irritable.

An easier way of getting around this is to take a fake burner while maintaining everything else status quo.

A point on choosing a fat burner. Make sure it’s easy on the body. It’s tried some which contain stimulants like caffeine and willow bark. Made me feel like I was on a roller coaster ride daily. Best to take one that contains more natural ingredients like Ultra Omega Burn which is made purely from Omega 7.

Putting It All Together

As you can see, building a more bullet proof vest of willpower isn’t that difficult but it does take some effort.

There’s one thing that you can sure of is that you will slip up many times before it becomes a natural reflex reaction for you.

Just don’t give up and you’ll be happy you didn’t in no time.

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