8 Effective Ways to Prevent Heart Diseases


prevent heart disease

About 1 in every 4 person dies from a heart-related problem in the United States alone. It means that about 600,000 deaths are all caused due to heart diseases. Heart diseases are a thing that is no longer a rarity but rather a common situation.

A person is either suffering from it or knows somebody who is suffering from it. Life has become more face-paced in the last 30 years or so, with people having little time to worry about one’s health.

This has added to the staggering number of people suffering from that menacing disease which can cause a lot of suffering and hospital bills. Of course, with the advance in medical science, treatments have become more accessible.

But surely it doesn’t mean we walk into a fire just because we have a hose, do we?

So how can we curb falling victim to these horrific illnesses? That is by simply making adjustments in our lifestyles and diet. We only have to make a small sacrifice for the vices that we have acquired. Therefore, in this article, I have put forth a list of 8 ways that you can adopt as mantras for preventing heart diseases.

1. Keeping Cholesterol Levels Under Control

Cholesterol is notorious for blocking the arteries of the heart. This, in turn, leads to heart diseases waiting to make your life hell. Cholesterol can be regulated by switching to alternative foods. For example, like switching to margarine instead of butter.

An abnormal amount of fats could result in a lot of cardiovascular diseases. Fats contain LDL which is usually known as ‘bad cholesterol’, or technically it means, ‘Low-density lipoproteins‘. The LDL accumulates in your blood vessels and with the passage of time, clogs it and gives rise to what you know as cardiac arrests and strokes.

Recent studies have shown that taking more Omega 7 in your diet can help reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in your blood. This can be via foods that contain high levels of Omega 7 like sea buckthorn and macadamia oil.

2. Controlling Blood Pressure

The heart is a muscle that pumps the blood. We know the drill because once it stops doing that, then you are on a highway to heaven (or hell).  When the blood pressure in your body increases, it would mean that the heart is not getting enough blood to pump.

Also, the strain that is caused by the high blood pressure will cause the build-up of fats called a plague. This will give rise to a problem called atherosclerosis, which is basically a fancy word for a disease that causes heart attacks.

3. Limiting Alcohol

Now, who doesn’t like a good glass of wine or a glass of scotch, right? But drinking an obscene amount of alcohol leads to high blood pressure. As I have mentioned above what high blood pressure really does to the body, it is certainly not pretty. The heart is the center for keeping us alive, so we can show a little love to that muscle by drinking responsibly and getting home safely as well!

4. No Smoking

The harmful effects of tobacco are detrimental, and they are known by all. But it also affects the heart as well, besides the lung and the throat. Even though you are not a smoker, the fact that you are a passive one can lead to a lot of reasons which would cause severe heart-problems.

The inhalation of the cigarette smoke damages the artery linings and narrows it. As that happens, you are looking at a build-up of a massive amount of fats in the walls of the arteries. That gives you the ticket to a lifetime supply of heart problems and strokes.

5. Following a Healthy Diet

This is the simplest step but often the most difficult to follow. In the 21st century, we have become accustomed to adding junk foods in our daily meals. For most of us, it is a part of our daily lives with the excuse of not having enough time to cook a proper meal. No wonder, the fast-food chain is having a large boom of increasing business and profit. Fast-food is a host for cholesterol and unsaturated fats.

An excess amount of cholesterol and unsaturated fats are greatest enemies of the body’s metabolism. When the metabolism fails, the heart is the first to be affected and can make you a heart-patient in the middle of McDonald’s in an instant.

6. Getting Enough Sleep

When the body doesn’t get enough quality sleep, the body can undergo an increase in C-Reactive Protein or CRP. CRP is released when the body experiences stress, which is often associated with not getting enough sleep. CRP is a risk to a lot of cardiovascular diseases. Lack of sleep can also make the body resistant to insulin which can give rise to not only diabetes but strokes as well.

7. Managing Stress

Is your boss the reason for the torment in your life? Are you having a bad rift with your significant other? Or is your life just getting really hectic?

We may think that it is not important to stop and reflect on our lives every once in a while, and most of us may think that it is a waste of time. But if you are undergoing stress, you know what happens to the body, as this point is in accordance with the previous point.

So quit the job, talk to your partner or take a vacation, even if it is just to the nearest library, know that you deserve some peace and quiet, and so does your heart.

8. Exercising

This is the point which makes everybody groan. And, it does not mean that you have to enroll yourself in a gym. But some people are not in the habit of moving around and are confined to a chair all day long. This is a health risk and can result in a lot of heart diseases.

You can sweat it out in the gym or take a 30-minute walk in the park with your dog. As long as you are doing that, the little muscle in the chest will get stronger and will keep the arteries and blood vessels in optimal condition for smooth blood flow.


Making a healthy and wise decision for your well-being should not be difficult as it is always the right decision. Eating right, sleeping well, exercising and letting go of your bad habits will ensure a fulfillment in your life for which you will be grateful to yourself for making the right decision.

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