5 Ways to Lose Stretch Marks after Losing Weight

stretch mark remedies

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Best known as an after effect of pregnancy, stretch marks are visible lines on the surface of the skin. They can also occur in other fat accumulating areas of the body such as the breasts, upper arms, buttocks and thighs. Being highly unsightly, you cannot entirely get rid of stretch marks but you can reduce their appearance. Here are 5 ways to lose stretch marks after losing weight.

1. Drinking Water

This is possibly the simplest and most effective method for minimizing the appearance of stretch marks. Since stretch marks are formed due to the skin stretching to accommodate extra fat, they can be quite sharp in appearance. To tone down this sharpness, it is better to work from the inside.

Water helps reduce the appearance of these pink or brown lines on the skin. If you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day, hydration will help keep the skin more resilient and the stretch marks become less prominent over time. Keep a water bottle with you at all times so that you drink throughout the day.

2. Omega 7 Fatty Acids

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Omega 7 fatty acids are quite beneficial for the skin as they have healing properties. The richest source of these lipids is sea buckthorn berry oil. If you have stretch marks and you are already using a lotion for it, simply add a few drops of the oil to this lotion and apply to the marks.

Since the oil is bright orange in color, make sure that you stay away from white sheets or clothing when you have it on. There will be no stain on your skin but you must keep your light colored clothing items away. Keep the oil on the skin for half an hour to see best results.

One good Omega 7 supplement that you can also consider taking is Ultra Omega Burn. It is primarily an effective weight loss supplement but it contains pure Omega 7 in each capsule so it can also be taken for stretch marks reduction.

3. Castor Oil

Castor Oil is used in many home remedies for youthful skin and hair. It is effective against pimples, wrinkles and dark spots. Similarly, it can also be used to reduce the prominence of stretch marks. It has anti-inflammatory properties that keep the skin soothed. The same also promotes wound healing.

To use, dip your fingers in castor oil and massage the affected area for 10 minutes. Follow by applying mild heat to the area for half an hour.

You can do this by using a heating pad or keeping the area covered with a warm cloth. If you do this daily, you will notice the appearance of stretch marks become faint over time.

Castor oil may cause an allergy in some people so it is advised to do a skin test first.

4. Egg Whites

Egg whites assist in reducing the appearance of stretch marks. The bulk of the protein content of the egg is present in the egg whites. They are essentially rich in a protein called albumen.

Egg whites aid in tightening the skin by shrinking pores. For this remedy, take only the egg whites and apply them on the affected area after washing the area with water.

Then wait for the whites to dry. Once dried, wash the area with cold water.

Since egg whites can dry out the skin, apply some olive oil to keep skin moisturized. With regular use of this remedy, you will start to notice results within the first few weeks.

5. Lemon Juice

Just like castor oil, lemon juice is also used in various skin home remedies. It is effective in healing the skin due to its natural acidic properties. It is also used for the treatment of scars and even acne.

To use lemon juice, cut a lemon in half and take one half in your hand. Rub the lemon onto the affected area in a circular motion. Do this for 10 minutes or until you feel that the juice has penetrated the affected skin. Then rinse with water.

You can also make this remedy more effective by adding in some cucumber juice. Add both juices in equal proportions and apply to the stretch marks. With regular application, this will make the stretch marks less prominent over time.  


Although they have no side effects, stretch marks can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Fortunately, there are many creams and moisturizing gels available in the market to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

You can always use these if you have no skepticism against synthetic products. If you do, then the suggested simple home remedies are effective methods for reducing the prominence of stretch marks.

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